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C70 Machine Sounds In Audio




im using a c70 and Senheisser mke 600. I used to get crisp clean audio. But after reviewing footage this week, my audio has machine like sounds through it all. 

I’m running the built in mic in a separate channel too as back up. I imported in premiere to isolate channels and the machine like sounds are in both shotgun channels and built in mic channels. Anyone have an idea of what’s going on here? Is my camera suddenly just working louder? I didn’t think it was, but curious what y’all think? I shoot run and gun doc and will be shooting all this week so any solutions would be greatly appreciated. 



You havent said where the mic is.  Is it on the camera?  If the fan is on, a sensitive mic will hear it, if the ambience is quiet.  The built-in mics certainly will.

You can set the fan to turn off when shooting; this is what I do.  See the spanner menu (System Setup).

OTOH, if you're getting electronic interference in your sound, then that's something I haven't had.  Maybe the camera has a fault; I would say check your cables etc, but you've already said this happens with the built-ins too.

Here's a clip I shot with fan off, in a pretty quiet setting.  The mics are two Clippy EM172s on a bar on the hot shoe.


I noticed a similar issue. A very light clicking that was not related to autofocus. Mine stemmed from my Canon 24-105 lens's stabilization setting. Once I turned that off, the sound went away. Unfortunately, I did not hear it when shooting outdoors, and audio in quieter environments was unusable.