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C100 MK I digital hit issues


I ave been recently shooting interviews with the c100 MK 1, and have come across a big problem. Besides the problem of it being a Mark 1 and not a Mark 2 (i'm using numbers instead of the i or ii to make clear that it is the Mark 1) and all my searches only come up with the Mark 2. Anyway, My problem is a digital hit or digital artifacting at the top of the frame that usually runs about 5 or so frames. Can anyone tell me what this is and what causes it to happen?

I inverted the frame bellow to show the hit along the top better. When I shoot on a black background it is more pronounced and a problem while hit.jpg



Hello diyfilm, 

Based upon your depiction and description of this issue we'd advise sending the camera into the service center in order to assess what the issue may be.  In order to set up service, please use the Service and Support link, here.     

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