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Canon C200 RAW workflow using Windows 10 PC???


Cinema RAW Development software will not render a Cinema RAW Lite file to a DNxHD file that can be used in most editing software running on Windows 10. Apparently, Cinema RAW Development can only render a Pros Res file and then only if it is running a MAC computer. So instead on Windows 10, CRD can render a DPX file that I have only been able to open in Resolve and CRD does not render one Cinema RAW Lite file to one DPX file but breaks the CRM file into numerous small DPX files with numerous separate audio WAV files that have to be manually synced to the numerous DPX files. Am I missing something or is this the workflow I am stuck with unless I switch from a PC to a MAC. I am only assuming the situation is better with a MAC computer as I don't have one to test it out. 

Here is a C200 Cinema RAW Lite file to download if anyone wants to test how this all works:  

Here are a couple of the many DPX files produced from this one CRM file: 

I think Canon should make a firmware update that allows the C200 to record a XF AVC 10 bit 4:2:2 file internally to the Cfast 2.0 card so users can get a high quality file to work with most editing software as it looks like it may be awhile for the Cinema RAW Lite file to be useable especially for Windows PC users. 



Hello Terry54321, 

Yes you are correct; it would be standard for Cinema RAW Light files, processed through Cinema RAW Development 2.0 to come out as DPX Open EXR.  If on a Mac then Pro Res can be output instead. Edius Pro, Premier Pro, Media Composer, Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro are all NLE grading software which can work with these files.  

If using Avid Media Access and using the Canon RAW Plugin 2.0, Cinema RAW Light files can be processed instead of using CInema RAW Development 2.0 as the primary workflow.  This workflow assumes Media Composer is end NLE grading software utilized. 

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Unfortunately, I use Vegas Pro software and although Vegas Pro can open some EXR files for some reason it cannot open these produced by Cinema RAW Development. Since Cinema RAW Development can output a Pro Res file on a MAC couldn't Canon program the ability to output a DNxHR or DNxHRHQ file on a Windows computer? 


Also, I tired Da Vinci Resolve and it could open the many DPX files produced by CRD from one Cinema RAW Light file but the separate audio WAV files had to be manually synced to each of the many DPX files. It did not seem practical at all when Canon should be able to output a DNx file as many other editing programs can do when running on Windows PCs.

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