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C100 Firmware Update


i have a c100 and i tring to update the firmware im currently using and when i install my sd card that was formatted already its saying on the canon1.0.3.1 help please just want to update


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi nycdelarosa,


Thanks for checking in with us!


First make sure that you are trying to load the right firmware version. The version is only if your camera has the Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus upgrade, either purchased that way or upgraded at our Factory Service Center.


If you have the standard C100 without the Dual Pixel AF upgrade, then make sure to select firmware version


Download the appropriate file and make sure that you extract the file after downloading it. On a PC, you'll want to right-click the file and select EXTRACT. On a Mac, it will give you a file that looks like a white drive. Double click it and drag the .fim file inside onto your desktop.


You can then follow the instructions in the documentation that comes with the download.


When you load the .fim file onto your memory card using a card reader, make sure that the file goes into the root directory and not inside of any folders on the card.


If problems persist, please elaborate on what step is causing issues for you.

I download 1.8 for the canon c100 and when I drag the 1.8 firmware to the sd card and install the address card back in the canon it reads the address card but doesn't see the upgrade firmware I put on the address card 

Hi there,


Uually this is the case if you pull the new firmware file directly from the compressed folder. In order to have a usable firmware update you need to unzip or extract the files from teh compressed folder and then move it into the root directory of the SD card after it has been formatted in the camera.


Hello! I am also having this issue with my C100. I am on a Mac (OS is Monterey) and am following the exact instructions, but the "firmware" option on the camera's menu is greyed out. Can you assist? Thanks!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi TGarwoodLMI,

Thanks for checking in with us.

Has your camera been upgraded with the Dual Pixel AF enhancement? If not, make sure that you are selecting version

After you download the file, you should see a white drive icon. Double click it and then drag the .fim file to your desktop.

Then connect a card reader to your computer and then insert an SD card in it. Drag the .fim file directly onto the card reader icon, which should also look like a white drive.

Then make sure that the camera is plugged into a strong power source, and then try doing the update again.

Hello, I am following those instructions exactly and have the camera plugged in. Any other thoughts on what might be the problem? Thanks!