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Bought a EOS 70D, now I can't download into iPhoto - can you help?


Greetings, and Happy Holidays!


Newbie here - been using Canon products for years, and whenever I hooked up my camera to my MacPro, it would automatically start to upload my pictures into iPhoto.  Now that I purchased a 70D, it's not doing nothing, and after installing the EOS Utility software, it just wants to install directly into a pictures folder, not iPhoto (where I have about the last 13 years of photography housed.


It may be s simple fix, but dayumed if I can find it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This is what works for me - since I have an iMac, I just plug the SD card into the card reader in the side of the machine. With a Mac Pro, you will probably need to buy a card reader device (inexpensive) that plugs into a USB port. Then start iPhoto, which should recognize that there are photos on the card and offer to upload them.


You can use EOS Utility to download to a folder of your choice and then import into iPhoto.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic


Hi - how did you end up resolving this? I'm having the same/similar issue with my new 70D. I used to be able to plug my camera in and iphoto would open up and import everything. Now, it works sporadically, which is even weirder than not working at all. Right now I have 100+ photos from two important events sitting on my memory card that iphoto won't recognize. It imported about a dozen photos I took today without a problem, though. The photos are viewable from the camera. I can't recall changing any settings between taking those photos and the ones I took today. It doesn't make a difference if I plug the SD card directly into my computer.

Can you try a different computer to see if that makes a difference? Also, I'm concerned that your SD card is failing. You might want to download some card recovery software.

Yeah the card/camera worked fine with my PC. But that's a PIA because I really want to keep my photos together on my laptop. Frustrating.