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1DC thoughts + feature requests




It has been just under a year now that I acquired the 1DC and have actually totally, completely fallen in love.


Although my short little fashion run-n-gun films show my poor DP abilities, this camera is an absolute dream for a imager suchas myself- functioning as a combined top of the line stills + cinema camera that never ceases to amaze me.


Whether shooting in total darkness at >10k ISO in color under a single street lamp- or in rush hour on the sidewalks of Manhattan- grabbing takes in between buses dropping off 75 people every 120 seconds walking in my FOV . . . the 1DC continues to impress   . . . and I am now a firm believer.


As always- we find ourselves hoping for a few tools to improve with what we have-

and although I am certain 2.0 is in teh works, I hope the results will show Canon's continued commitment to it's professional userbase . . who have long been loyal . . . and will continue to be if Canon delivers like they have with this amazing product.



A few Firmware 2 or 2.x feature requests:


focus peaking + zebra

120 fps at 720p or 1080p.

60 fps or higher at Super 35.

True 1080p at 60 fps.


slightly improved canon log (LOVE Canon Log) to extend dynamic range a wee bit furthe, and some sort of dithering of the 8 bit output to help prevent banding


and the holy grail: enable raw output ,or if possible 10 bit or slightly less compressed output - even if it means we need to move to newer, faster CF cards (and even if it requires a nominal fee Canon service center mod)


This camera is by far the most powerful, fastest, muscular, filmic, and surprising piece of imaging equipment I have ever owned.  


It is a testament to every person on the Canon team involved in its conceptualization and production, and I thank each and every one of them for their efforts and the outcome.




And I want to add: I open this topic becuase I googled my heart out but could find no real feature list request discussions for 1DC firmware in one area or thread . . . I am sure they are around and maybe here, but thought I would open the topic as I am sure there are expert users who have more insight who might add here, and I thought it might be helpful to Canon as well. Smiley Very Happy





I would add better low ISO dynamic range and built in ND.


ISO's below 320 exhibit obvious banding in areas of flat tonality.

Agreed. Ability to keep iso at 400 +. would be key if the banding at 8bit cannot be improved by a tweak in dithering on output.

For a nice explanation on dithering (what I was speaking about) and how the GH4 guys did it- as well as a potential easy workaround for sky banding- see this: