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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 printer Clogged Ink Cartridge Help


I have a canon imageprograf 300 printer, which I wasn’t using for a while and finally started to use again. I bought all new ink cartridges and loaded them into the printer but three of the ink cartridges are not printing, specifically MBK, M and Y.

I have gone through the entire maintenance list of printer head cleaning and deep cleanings but those three inks won’t print in the nozzle check nor in any actual prints. I have drained a considerable amount of the inks performing the deep cleans and doing st prints which still aren’t printing what I need. I desperately need help. 



I had this happen to one of my Pro-2100 printers using 3rd party inks and they gummed up the lines. I had everything gutted and replaced from the sub-tanks to the print head and it still didn't work after that.

If yours using 3rd party inks that could be one reason. If not, there may be some other solutions to try but unfortunately the expense maybe better spent on a new printer. Let me know if you still want to solve this and I'll run through all the hinges I did to attempt to get mine working again. 

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