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imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Desaturated images in print layout image preview window


Greetings all:

I love this printer, but occasionally images previewed in Print Layout look desaturated compared to the image prepared to print.

The prints are accurate, but it is a bit disconcerting.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks.




File > Other Settings > Custom Settings;

  • Check the box for "Display images in high definition"
  • Check the box for "Reflect the color adjustment result in preview"
  • At the bottom you will see a radio button for "Apply Display Color Matching to:"
    • You can toggle between "Preview image only" or "Preview images and thumbnails"

Note: This will take longer (or more memory) for the program to operate, which is why it's normally best to bypass this step. I use the Canon Professional Print & Layout program mostly as a RIP program and have a lot of confidence in the print itself looking correct. Adjust the size, preferences, how it's going to print is much more important when using this program. By the time the file is loaded in, those color adjustments have already been handled. Monitor calibration vs print is hard to get perfect, this doesn't seem like a dealbreaker to me.

Remember to save your files in RGB mode. If you save a file in CMYK it will make it much more dull. RGB holds about 1000x more colors in it's file type, which is a huge advantage to these printers having the ability to process RGB files unlike most printers which only print and process in CMYK.

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