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Custom paper profiles no longer working when printing from PS to Canon Pro-4000 (Mac Ventura, M1)


Perhaps it started when I recently upgraded to Ventura (i'm on 13.6.4).  My custom profiles I've been using successfully for years, no longer produce accurate color (brownish cast) when printing from PS. Some folks suggest the profile is being applied twice, but I've tried everything to fix the problem.

Even the profiles from my media manufacturer (Breathing Color) produce the same result. They come with a AM1x file that should work , as it's always done in the past.  I've been succesfully using color management on Macs w/PS for over 20 years (Epson & Canon printers).


I've reinstalled my Canon Drivers, created new custom paper profiles (both in Canon's Media Configuration Tool and i1Studio) and spent 3 phone sessions with Canon tech support. PS is version 25.6


When I use Canon's paper profiles, accurate color.  When I print from Preview using my custom profiles, accurate color.  It seems to be something in PS or the Mac OS that is causing the problem, and I can't find a work around - I need to be able to print from PS on third party media! 


I'm wondering if others have this exact problem.  I found this link to a photographer having the same problem in 2017, but his detailed work around doesn't work for me



I found a work around.  Print from Photoshop using "Printer Manages Color", with Canon color matching.  I've always printed from PS using "Photoshop Manages Color" and then selecting my custom paper profile - but that is apparently applying the profile twice.  I hope this issue get solved soon.

Or you could use Print Studio Pro, a plugin inside Ps. Works for me.

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