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Where to find more product information such as best fit for application?


Canon made a Pixma Pro 9000 and 9500. What has replaced them and what producct can I use to product professional quality photo images on anything from photo paper to fine art paper?  It appears that their new Pro-1 doesn't accomodate canvass/fine art paper. Do any of the Canon produccts accommodate canvass output/



The new line of Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10, and Pro-100 appear to be low end consumer produccts and made rather cheaply. At a store today and the Pro series look as if I bumped them they would fall apart.

hi mrlaw711,


The Pro-10 and Pro-100 are the direct replacements for the Pro9500 and Pro9000 respectively.  I would not say they are poorly made at all.  With floor models, their frequient in store use may make them appear less sturdy then one that is new in the box.

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Before you purchase the Pro-100 make sure you research what platforms are supported by the Pro-100. There aren't many of them. I'm struggeling with that right now. Wish I'd checked into this matter before purchasing

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