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Pro-100 Custom Printer Profiles


Has anyone had success in using a custom printer profile with this printer. Glossy generic Canon paper profiles work ok but are not completely on the money. I get a little too much red. I had a custom profiles created by reputable 3rd party provider for a variety of Canon papers. When I use them to print the test sheets the anomalies are dramatic.  Instead of smooth transition of colors steps and anomalies are are printed throughout the test sheet. When I print the Macbeth color chart an example of how far the colors are off one could not find the red square on the printed output. Thinking the provider had a bad day I asked him to do it again. There was no change in the results. I then went out and bought an Xrite Color Munkie. I have the same results as with the 3rd party provider's color profile.


Previously I used custom profiles with the i9900 for years. Still using the same computer and software; CS5 and Vista 64 bit OS. I let Photoshop manage the colors, I select the custom profile,  check Manual on the print driver screens, and select None for Color Correction on the Matching tab. Am I missing something?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello nkanwisher.


Setting the 'Color Correction' to 'None' in the printer driver will disable the color management of the printer and allow Photoshop to manage colors,  However, we cannot guarantee the results of third party or custom profile environments.


If you continue to have difficulties, please try using the 'Pattern Print' feature of our Print Studio Pro application.  This may help you achieve what you feel best represents the output on your monitor.  The program can be downloaded at the following link for use with Photoshop.


If these troubleshooting steps do not work, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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I tried the Color Correction to None and when i started from scratch and redid my profiles it worked! Thank you


What I find troubling is where is this explained in the manuals or help? If this is a "professional printer" then custom profiles are going to be used.


Where is the expalnation for the other options on this screen particularly ICM. When it is chosen I only see Paper company profiles. Why do I not see my custom profiles (see link on previous comment)? When I press Help I get the following:

"ICM (ICC Profile Matching) Adjusts the colors by using an ICC profile when printing. Specify the input profile, printer profile, and rendering intent to be used." If your major software products from Adobe and Apple do the color management why is this here?  Somewhere in the internet, not at Canon site, I see its purpose is for applications that do not control the color management.  Which begs the question how many users who use  that kind of software are going to look, find, and understand this screen and color profiles.

Sorry after losing a lot of time and money I have to vent at Canon.   I do appreciate the help. Thanks again.

Hi nkanwisher,


Custom profiles are only going to be listed in Photoshop.  Everything in the driver is only going to be profiles and driver settings created specifically by Canon.  As you pointed out, ICM is used when you want to use the ICC profiles created by Canon for Canon paper and don't have access to a high end printing application that allows you to use third party profiles. 


That being said, our ability to support custom profiles is going to be very limited because for obvious reasons those profiles have not been tested by Canon.  By it's very nature, the custom profile will involve trial and error as you tweak the profile to get it to print the way you want to.  To help reduce the expense, as Michael suggested, we recommend using the Print Shop Prop plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom that we have provided.  The pattern print will help you choose the color settings and brightness to use to get the desired output when using your custom profile.

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After spending a ton of money on the Pro-100 it has become perfectly clear to me that I need to become a computer nerd in a hurry. Canon phone techs don't seem to know any more about this printer than I do.

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