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Pro 200 - "blotchy" prints?


Hi all,


I've got a new Pro 200 here and I'm having a really weird issue with prints from it. I've come from a old Pixma iX6860 which aside from everything look a little flat, didn't have any major issues with regards to print quality. But, on the Pro 200 I'm noticing that my prints are coming out "blotchy" or maybe grainy/noisy - it almost looks like the colours that make up what I'm printing haven't been blended together properly.


I've tried 4 different kinds of paper and cardstock, all of which the iX6860 was able to print on just fine. The issue is more pronounced on the "cheaper" cardstock so I've uploaded a photo of that to really illustrate what I mean, but it is present on all mediums even higher-end Museo cardstock. Please ignore the white spots, they seem to be unavoidable on this "recycled" cardstock.


In terms of troubleshooting, I've done the usual cleaning/aligning etc. I've also tested with various combinations of settings, the selected paper type doesn't seem to effect whether or not this issue occurs nor does the print quality setting. 


Anyone know what this might be, or at least what I could refer to this as so I can Google it properly?






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi synicalx1,


Please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:




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