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Pro-200 Colors seem off



My fiance just recently purchased this printer to use for her photography business, but also intended to use for some DIY projects for our wedding. One of those projects includes printing invitations and envelope liners. This is the first professional grade printer she has had, and the first thing she tried to print was an envelope liner template from Etsy. It's an impressionist floral design and it has fairly complex colors with lots of grays, greens, and some white/pinks. We are just printing onto standard letter paper since it's just meant to line an envelope, and the colors are coming out all muddy and muted. We've only tried 2 test prints so far, one on the stock printer settings, and one with the printer set to High Quality, but both yielded similar results (High Quality just washed out the colors a bit more).

Hoping this is just user error due to us both being new to professional printers, and that we didn't overestimate the printers' capabilities. If there are settings on the computer side of things that need to be changed, or we need to be using different paper then that's simple enough. We just don't know how to determine the root cause to fix it.

Appreciate any help that can be provided!


Product Expert
Product Expert


For this issue, I recommend reaching out to Canon support. The real time feedback of a live technical support call/chat would be very beneficial in this case.

You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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