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Pro-200 4x6 Gloss Paper Printing Malfunction


Hey there

I'm new to printing and I just got my hands on some old Dell 4x6 High Gloss paper. I plugged my settings as follows below and near the end of the printing process it looked like the printer shifted the paper to the side slightly and started making a noise I did not like. I let it do its thing and it plopped out the print with a lot of messy ink smudges. Hope I didn't screw things up on my printer. Anyone have any thoughts on this? (Photo Attached)

Program used: Professional Print & Layout
Paper Size: 4"6"
Media Type: Glossy Photo Paper A
Color Mode: Use ICC Profile
Printer Profile: Auto
Rendering Intent: Perceptual 
Contrast Reproduction: Enableimage_67186945.jpeg