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Pro-1000: Prints start several inches down the paper from where expected


I have used my Pro-1000 Series 2 for nine months with no issues. The past few days, prints are mis-aligned vertically by several inches. That is, the paper feeds into the printer several inches before starting to print the top of the image, then the finished print emerges with the bottom few inches of image missing.

I print on custom paper sizes that I have defined in the print dialog. I print from PNGs in Photoshop, and these PNG files' dimensions exactly match the print sizes defined in the print dialog. On the printer, I select and register a paper size of "Others" since my custom sizes are not in the list of standard sizes. For nine months this has worked fine, then this week all my prints are off by inches.

In the Photoshop print preview, the images are aligned perfectly. The media size is correct. But the printer seems to need to feed about 6 inches of paper into itself before it starts printing.

I have tried turning "printer detects paper width" in the printer settings on and off, and neither makes a difference.

I have tried turning "Scale to fit media" in the Photoshop print preview on and off (even though the scale is already 100%) with no difference.

I have tried shutting down the printer and restarting the computer.

I'm running Mac OS Ventura 13.5 on a Mac Studio (M2). Photoshop 25.1.0.

Any advice gladly welcomed! Thanks





I should mention that this started after I did a system cleaning. Which I did because a deep cleaning and several regular cleanings failed to unclog a nozzle. Now the nozzle is unclogged but the printer wants several inches of paper through its rollers before it starts each print.

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