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Pro-100 and Support Code: 6910


When my PRO-100 powers up I hear motors turning and then the white and yellow lights on on the front start flashing alternately (the yellow light flashes 26 times, pauses and repeats) and I get an error code pop-up on my PC with "Support Code: 6910".  Nothing in the documentation or online defines what a code 6910 means or what the problem may be aside from telling me to turn it off unplug it pressing the power button many times (20x), plug it back in again and if the error continues my printer needs service.

Does anyone have any experience with this error code?



In essence: Unplug printer for one hour and then plug in and try again. If that doesn't work, printer needs service.

Robert N.




@robnich, I have performed the unplug ritual more times than I can count and I have found your suggestion in Canon's troubleshooting guides.  I want to know what's broken so I can fix it.  Somewhere canon engineers have documentation that describes what each error code means.  I have already swapped the logic board, the control panel and thoroughly clean the printhead (following a well documented and safe process).  The cost of sending off to a Canon authorized service center isn't worth it.  I might as well buy a new printer.  It is just maddening that Canon does not provide more documentation to enable owners to be able to repair their printers.  #RightToRepair

I completely agree! Canon could very easily allow us to try to save our printers. I had the exact same error on my pro-100 that is roughly 3 years old. Called canon tech support to get the exact same comical unplug it and plug it back speech just for the guy to tell me to upgrade my printer. 

The code is allegedly related to the wireless board. I replaced the wireless board and that didn’t fix it. I can try changing the logic board blindly but I don’t know if it’s worth it. All I can say is if I can’t fix this expensive printer I’m sure as hell not going to be buying another more expensive model just to have another one shutdown like this. The engineers could have made it possible to use the printer without the wireless that I’ve literally never used. But they choose to force people to spend more when this fault happens. No thanks.