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PIXMA PRO-100 Fake error code 1680. Printer bricked. Firmware broken? Inner board glitched?


I hope this reaches the eyes it needs to. Someone in Canon needs to see this.


This needs to be fixed.  Canon, your Pixma Pro-100 firmware/software has started generating bogus errors that I cannot bypass. I am even using VERIFIED GENUINE ink cartridges that YOUR SUPPORT MEMBER SENT ME. No matter what I do, these ink cartridges are correct, seated correctly in the right spots, and that printer is completely unusable.  The support guy just offered more cartridges.  

HOW is that going to fix the problem?  I just started my full-time career as a professional artist and this already it's off the rails. If you don't come up with a patch or stronger firmware that will give us a way to BYPASS bogus error glitches like this, I am never going to buy a Canon product again and I will also be telling my entire network of artist friends and communities to print elsewhere and completely abandon Canon altogether.

Get it together, you're a multi-million dollar company.  At least give us the option to bypass bogus glitches. There is no way to continue if a fake error like this comes up.  And I've been printing at home for years and years, do not give me the typical "do this do that"... fix it on your end. I've tried literally everything, way too many different attempts to list, there's nothing I can do now. UPDATE THE SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE TO MAKE IT SO WE CAN BYPASS FAKE ERROR CODES LIKE THIS ONE.  We're able to bypass others or at least alleviate them temporarily, but when something like this comes up, it's completely bricked.  I now own a 900-dollar piece of heavy plastic. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi JetFlaco,

Please open the cover to your printer and take a photo of all of the ink tanks that are installed.

Please post that image in your reply to this message.




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