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Pro-100 Washed out blacks

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Hi I just got my pro 100 yesterday, the first few prints I printed were nice, deep blacks, but I started messing with the software too much and my computers profiles to try and get the colors to print like on my screen. I'm printing from print studio pro in photoshop. I've uninstalled my drivers a few times and the plugin but I'm stuck. The images I'm getting printed are close to what you get when you press ctrl+y in photoshop. I know printers print in cmyk, but like I mentioned, my first few prints were very close to to what was on the monitor so I know what this printer is capable of but now I cant get it back Smiley Mad Someone please help I'm wasting too much paper and ink I have no clue what to do


I've attached the image I'm printing. The first is how it looks, and the second is a simulation to what it looks like when printed. Youll notice the difference towards the bottom around her hair/chin:




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Re: Pro-100 Washed out blacks

Ive come to the concusion that it has to do with profles, as soon as I convert the profile from srgb to adobe rgb in photoshop the blacks print smoother and nicer, but the overall image gets darker and therefore loses black detail (I can fix it via gamma/exposure but kinda annoying)


my question is, if i design my art using srgb in photoshop, what settings should I use in photoshop/print studio pro so that I get an accurate print job through my canon pro 100?

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