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Pro-100 Driver Version

New Contributor

Downloaded recommended update: p86l-win-pro_100-1_05-ejs.exe
Installed via wifi. Printed test page and it says Driver version Should it be 2.86.1.xx? The numbers are a bit confusing. Wish the download driver number would match format you get when printing test page.
Can anyone help me please? Do I have latest driver, am I doing something wrong, etc.? Is test page proper way to verify driver version?
Windows 8.1 64 bit.


New Contributor is the same driver version that I have.

Thanks.  i was just wondering because the recommended driver update on the support page I just checked the other day doesn't mention that number anywhere and I know sometimes driver updates only change a few of the numbers.  I shoukld have checked the driver version before I did the update- and I presume it can be updated via wifi(?)- or must you connect via usb cable to update?   Hmmmmm.........

Alas, nothing is easy.

Occasional Contributor

I have driver version 2.85 that came with the printer. Works flawlessly. Version 2.86 does not show resolution of 1200 x 1200 when  highest qualiuty and premium paper are selected, like driver 2.85 did.

Is that a bug in 2.86 not showing 1200 x 1200 any mnore.?





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