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Pro 10 not printing one color (PBK)


Yet another issue with my Pro 10 paper weight. Been idle since last July; and unplugged since Xmas; so I knew it was going to have problems with clogs. My last good prints was 10 months back before going on an extended roadtrip (hence the idle time). After going thru much (OEM) ink and replacing half the ink tanks running dry; PBK does not print at all on test (just the side bar). PBK was not empty; but I replaced it with a new OEM tank after having no initial luck on a print pattern (after all the others now worked). All other colors are now printing fine. To arrive where I'm currently at, I've performed several cleans and several deep cleans (several, meaing about 8-10 each). I also removed the printhead and passively cleaned the bottom exit points, and the top inlet (from the tanks) with windex, isopropyl and distilled water. That actually got everything (but PBK) working as it should.  I also allowed the underside of the head to soak in isopropyl for an hour (and kept the top side inlets moist). Before reinstalling, I sat the printhead outside in the dry Arizona 100 degree heat (not in direct sunlight; and no dust) for a 30 min dry. Before someone wonders if I damaged the printhead thru carelessness; scrub that thought, I worked +20 years on avionics, and another 18 years on Nikon Lithography toolsets for Intel Corp; I'm competent. I currently have the printhead back out, and letting soak in isopropyl for 4 hours, and will then soak it in Windex overnight; and will do a final rinse with isopropyl and then dry before trying again. Does anyone know of a signal problem feeding to the printhead affecting just one color? And if so, does anyone have any idea which contact is feeding PBK on the circuit side of the head...and the origination point? I've ran thru at least $800 in ink, all for about 70 prints over the past 6 years. If not; then I guess my last attempt (unless the overnight soak works) will be to take a chance of damaging the printhead by using a soft bristle brush on the PBK outlet port. But; I really don't think there is a clog; I'm able to direct compressed air thru the bottom and see ink pool at the top sponge/inlet. Thoughts? Hopefully I can get it up and running again; produces nice prints; but I honestly wasted my money.



Update: As I wrote 2 days back; PBK not printing at all on test pattern (after doing everything noted on that post). So, I did let it soak in asopropyl for 4 hours, and then put it in a Windex soak (enough to cover the outlet on the bottomside and the inlet on the sponge side) for 9 hours overnight. The next morning, rinsed it off (there was a lot of gunk, even after all the cleaning the day prior). I also used an can of electronic dust cleaner to shoot thru each nozzle; on the outlet of the PBK, there was some extremely small specs of hardened ink that was forced out. Reinstalled everything back in the printer and printed a test page (after it went thru the auto clean due to reinstalling tanks). And...yes, finally got some ink printing from the PBK (all other colors were fine). So; at least I know it is not an electrical signal on the PBK channel. Still it was less than 50% coverage of the pattern. So, I went thru 3 each of cleans and deep cleans; test print in between each; progressively better tests each time. Again, removed the print head; soaked for another 4 hours more in Windex; rinsed off (with isopropyl), and tried test printing again. Slight improvement to about 80% good coverage on the pattern. Removed the print head again (now, group 1 are near empty; and my group 2 tanks that I started new at the start of all of this, are down to less than half). Back to an overnight soak. Reinstalled this morning, test pattern improved; went thru 3 more cleans and a deep clean, and the test pattern is better; about 90% coverage. Unfortunately, nearly all the tanks are now indicating empty (still getting a pattern). So; I'm off to my friends at Tempe Camera to get an opinion and advice on this bothersome pattern on PBK. It's close to being as it should; it may or may not get any better. If the opinion is that it stands a good chance of clearing up with routine use; I'll buy some group 1 ink to fill out the remainder of a set of extra tanks. I'll then order some ink and a chip reset tool (as recommended from a You-Tuber that seems to be extremely knowlegable on these Pro 1/10/100's). Over the past 6 years I unwittingly threw out probably 5 sets of empty Canon tanks.   As an FYI; I'd have to look at my order history; but I did use an aftermaket tank set about 2 years ago. The prints seemed fine; but, once again (my fault), I was off on another trip and 4 months later the tanks had emptied thru the auto cleaning routine and left the print head clogged. I then switched back to Canon tanks; and the printhead cleared up 100% after a couple cleans and a couple deep cleans. Anyhow; assuming the person at the shop advises to use the printer (with hopes of the pattern clearing up the remaining 5-10%), I will give the after market ink a try; but use the canon tanks.

Having exact same problem. Followed same steps, including the soakings and deep cleans. All other colors improved and all good, except PBK. Wondered how your printer is working now. PBK still not working, after every soak and clean. Not sure if I should invest in new printer, or keep plugging away at this one. Trying to outweigh the ink costs v new printer.

In my case it is the red that does not flow.  If I clean then run a nozzle check it is good, then a page or so later red becomes streaky or non existent.  It happened after I left it for three months, powered off while I was away.  i have removed and carefully cleaned the print head several times: isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, distilled water and proprietary head cleaning fluid, which, incidentally, looks suspiciously like my dishwasher rinse aid.  Always the same and only the red.  I have used genuine Canon inks as well as third party and refiled Canon cartridges.  Always the same.


I seem to have the same problem:  I have a Canon PRO-10S printer I haven't used in a while.  I replaced all of the ink cartridges -- with Canon originals.  At first, four colors would not print.  I ran Deep Cleaning process a few times, waited at least a day between a couple of runs. Now all ink flows except for the PBK ink cartridge.  I'll let it sit for another day and try another deep cleaning.  Any suggestions, though, of what else to try?

Update:  As TMJB mentioned, cleaning the print head is the solution, but since I didn't see it in the user manual, I was unsure how to do it. Fortunately, I found a video on-line that showed how to remove the print head. Once I did, I put it in a bowl with alcohol and water, enough to cover the print head. With the screens face up, after about fifteen minutes, all of them were clear of ink except the one for the PBK ink cartridge. It seemed to have ink caked in.

I used a cotton swab to scrub very lightly the PBK screen -- which is probably a risky method, but I was frustrated and didn't have the patience for a 24-hour soak. After it came clean, I let it soak for another fifteen minutes. The other screens remained clean, but the PBK one was covered again in black ink.  So I swabbed it clean again and left it soaking some more. This cycle went on a few times before I gave up on it.  

I removed the print head and shook off the liquids.  I then put it on my porch to dry in the hot mid-day sun.  An hour later, I tried it in the printer, running a print test.  Everything was fine and has been after many printings over the past few weeks.


This what worked for me.  Soaked  the print head in distilled water (condensate from my dehumidifier) with a few drops of dishwasher rinse aid added. Rinsed it thoroughly and changed the water numerous times over four days, till the rinse ran clear.  Keep doing it even when you think it is done!!  Now is good as new :-).



Well, just my luck!!! I had left the printer on for several months; gave up on it. Well, the auto clean cycle was apparently running; and last month I happened to run a test sheet thru; nearly perfect. a slight shaded (under printed) line on PBK. Shows up on close examination in the B&W's, and anything color that uses the PBK; but hard to notice. Went over to Tempe (AZ) Camera; the print expert contacted the Canon printer rep and sent a picture of the test print patern; he said to just continue printing and it will clear itself up. I had already printed out several 13x19's and another 30 of various sizes; overall was happy that even with the degradation, it was fine unless examining within a few inches. So I returned home; and over the next few days; printed more fine photo's; and bam; I got the dreaded 200 code. Being a retired electronics tech (Intel working on Nikon Lithography toolsets), I did what I could; but no easy fix, and not economical to have it sent in for repair. So I removed the print head, and now have 10 Canon tanks half full; and another 10 full (all with Precision Color ink; which had always done me fine). I'll be placing it all on Ebay (along with the chip re-setter, and enough ink to fill each tank one more time). So if you know anyone interested, let me know. That PBK does have an issue; whether or not it clears 100% as the Canon printer rep thought; remains to be seen. I will include a picture of the last test sheet when I place it on ebay. In the meantime; I'm slumming it with a Canon TS6120; and will probably buy the Canon Pro 200. And last; if you live around Phx; Tempe Camera is a great place. They match the big online guys, and they have Canon reps come in a few times a year for weekend (free) lectures/lessons.

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