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My Pro 10 printer; short lived revival


Well, just my luck!!! I had left the Pro 10 printer on for several months; gave up on it (issues with print head; previously posted).  Well, the auto clean cycle was apparently running; and last month I happened to run a test sheet thru; nearly perfect. a slight shaded (under printed) line in the PBK band. Shows up on close examination in the B&W's, and anything color that uses the PBK; but hard to notice. Went over to Tempe (AZ) Camera; the print expert contacted the Canon printer rep and sent a picture of the test print patern; he said to just continue printing and it will eventually clear itself up. I had already printed out several 13x19's and another 20 of various sizes; overall was happy with even the degradation, it was fine unless examining within a few inches. So I returned home; and over the next few days; printed more fine photo's; and bam; I got the dreaded 200 code. Being a retired electronics tech (Intel working on Nikon Lithography toolsets), I did what I could; but no easy fix found, and not economical to have it sent in for repair. So I removed the print head, and now have 10 Canon tanks half full; and another 10 full (all with Precision Color ink; which had always done me fine before my initial problems started when I left for several months from home). I'll be placing it all on Ebay (along with the chip re-setter, and enough ink to fill each tank one more time). So if you know anyone interested, let me know. That PBK does have an issue; whether or not it clears 100% as the Canon printer rep thought; remains to be seen. I will include a picture of the last test sheet when I do place it on ebay and C-list. In the meantime; I'm slumming it with a Canon TS6120; and will probably buy the Canon Pro 200. And last; if you live around Phx; Tempe Camera is a great place. They match the big online guys, and they have Canon reps come in a few times a year for weekend (free) lectures/lessons. Tip; I've seen several people complain that the 200 code also freezes the print head to the far right hand side making it inaccessible to removing the cartridges (in case a chip error is the culprit). For me anyhow; a quick and firm tug on the ribbon connector will break it free from the stored position...your own risk; but for me it worked. Also, use care in identifying which connectors (especially behind the power panel) are slide on's, and which ones appear slide on, but are soldered (yes; I had to re-solder a connection when reassembling to run a final check). Last, when I had the big initial problems; doing the super cleans with isopropyl and even the Windex bath; helped immensely; but not good enough to use it (probably 95% good). It was only by mistake that I left the printer on for several months and it ran the routine auto cleans, that returned it near perfect. Would have been happy enough; but I guess it was time for the ultimate failure.