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Print Studio Pro pattern print

I want to print a patter print with Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster using Print Studio Pro, there isn't an option under the drop down menu for media type for luster paper, there is however a printer profile for Pro Luster, is there something I need to download and install for the media type?

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Re: Print Studio Pro pattern print

Hi mallard12975,


If you are using a PIXMA PRO-series printer, Luster Paper uses the PHOTO PAPER PLUS GLOSSY II setting.

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Re: Print Studio Pro pattern print

Check on the box of Canon paper.  Is this "LU-101" paper (Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster)?


In the profiles you'll notice the letters (e.g. "<LU>" in the profile name, match that model number on your box of paper.


For example, I also have Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum and it's model number is "PT-101" (it's a glossy paper) but in the ICC profile list it's the profiles that match "PT" that apply to this paper.


BUT you also have to match the quality.


For example, I have a PRO-10 printer and I can print at either "standard" or "high" quality ... or I can pick "custom" and set a value of 1, 2, or 3 (1 is finest but also takes the longest to print)   The actual scale goes from 1 through 5 but the values you see can vary by printer model.  Anwyay... that number will show up in the Canon supplied ICC profiles.


For my PRO-10 using Luster paper I actually have TWO choices of the ICC profile.


Canon PRO-10 <LU> 1/2 Photo Paper Pro Luster

Canon PRO-10 <LU> 3 Photo Papaer Pro Luster


The difference is the quality level.  The first choice is for use when using "high" quality (or using "custom" and picking quality level of 1 or 2).  The second choice is for using "standard" quality (or using "custom" and picking quality level 3).


This is because the quality will change how much ink is applied.  Canon provides a profile specific to the quality level.


If you simply choose "Auto" in the Color Management section for the Printer Profile, then Print Studio Pro will automatically pick the correct profile based on your Printer settings of Printer Model, Media Type, and Print Quality.  



When I bought my printer, it came with a few sample sheets of "Luster" in the box (5 sheets).  But the sub-title was "Photo Paper Pro Luster" and it has the model LU-101 printed on the box.   


When I actually purchased more paper ... that box actually says "Photo Paper Pro Luster" (instead of just "Luster") but the model number is STILL the same LU-101.  BTW, I was surprised to notice that regardless of what size I ordred... it was STILL called "LU-101".  I was expecting maybe the prefix to be "LU" but the suffix to change based on size.  Canon doesn't seem to do that.  "LU-101" seems to refer to all Pro Luster paper.


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Re: Print Studio Pro pattern print

Are you using Version 2.2.1



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