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Pixma Pro-100 printer won't print


I have had this printer for a good number of years and it has worked very well. Today I tried printing 2 photos. I use Print Studio Pro in Lightroom and everything seemed to go normally until it was supposed to print. Then it just grabs the photo paper and sends it through without printing anything. So what gives here? This printer worked flawlessly for years and suddenly this happens just after I bought a new complete set of cartridges.



As an update after posting this I discovered that Richie22 surprisingly had the exact same problem with a different printer. See "Pro S Printer not printing"

JRhoffman75 asked what happens if we don't use Print Studio Pro. So I went from Lightroom, opened up the same photo in Photoshop and printed from there. It worked!!! So the problem doesn't seem to be the printer but instead PSP. I did not do anything with PSP but of course Windows regularly updates itself (I've got the most recent version of Windows 10 which had updated maybe 2 weeks ago). I did not try printing any photos since then until I came across this problem just now. I believe the problem lies in this latest Windows update OS build 19044.2364 and probably Canon needs to work with Microsoft to correct this. It sure is more convenient using PSP rather than switching to PShop for each print.