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Pixma Pro-100 Ink Dripping Ink all over prints

I have a Pixma Pro-100 that drops ink on everything I print, especially on photo-pro inkjet papers. I have looked through many many posts both here and elsewhere online, and all I can find are owners relating issues with the printer smudging or smearing ink along the edge of the paper. I've not found anyone else complaining about what I am seeing with my printer. It looks like ink drips onto the paper during the print process, it is not smudged or streaked. I've tried all the software "cleaning" routines, removed all the ink cartridges, and print head. While out I checked the print head, and there was evidence of ink hanging on the under-side so I cleaned that up with a soft paper towel and q-tips then reinstall the printhead and ink-cartridges, all for naught, as the very next print had the same issue. This has been a problem for a while, so much so that I've basically given up and been using a multifunction HP for standard printing, but I really would like to get the Canon fixed because that is my go-to for high quality photo printing. The Pro-100 does not get used much, so I always make sure to check the nozzles for blockage before printing (software tool). I would hate to throw out the printer, as it does do a great job printing, just not such a good job keeping its ink in the right places. Ruining 95% of what I print out can't continue though.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Making Voltage,


Please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:



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I have been having the exact same problem. I've had the printer for almost a decade and this started happening over the last few months as I started to use it more regularly to print some of my art.

I've cleaned everything out, printed a test page and it was perfect. I then performed another bottom tray cleaning and the paper came out in splotches. It's as though one of the cartridges has some sort of leakage problem after it's been used.

I use genuine cartridges and don't do any refill mods or anything like that. I'm confused and annoyed. This has pretty much brought my card making business to a complete halt. Idk what to do, but if you have managed to find a fix please let me know!


if you have had your printer for a year + you are probably experiencing what I experienced, what happens is the sponge area/ink resevoir gets filled and starts splashing ink up into the rollers and gets ink all over everything, I had to just buy a new printer as I'm not versed in taking it apart and cleaning everything out, i'm pretty sure that's your problem unless the printhead is just broken and leaking.