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PRO-1000 using lots of Chroma Optimizer on Matte paper?

Still on my original set of ink tanks w. my new PRO-1000, printing from Photoshop CS6 on a Mac running OS 10.9.5.


After printing my first forty prints, about half 8x10's and half 4x5's and all Photo Matte paper, I was surprised that a warning message popped up on the printer screen that my Chroma Optimizer tank was low.


Why would I be using CO faster than my other inks on matte paper? Why would I be using CO at all on matte paper? I thougt it was only for glossy and satin photo papers to reduce bronzing.


Any comments? Thanks.

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Re: PRO-1000 using lots of Chroma Optimizer on Matte paper?

Great article.


Quoting: "I put these questions to Canon and received a rather straightforward explanation that clears up these mysteries quite fully. It turns out that for the Pro-1000 model only, because users cannot wipe the platen manually as possible for the other Pro series models, CO is also used for automatic maintenance of the platen after every print regardless of whether the paper being put through the printer is luster/gloss or matte, but the amounts used for maintenance are not proportionate to the size of sheets being printed – i.e. the maintenance volume varies less than proportionately to the size of the sheet being printed, hence the ratio of CO to total ink will be larger on smaller sheets than on larger ones. "

John Hoffman
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Re: PRO-1000 using lots of Chroma Optimizer on Matte paper?

Thanks John. Very helpful.


The more I learn about the PRO-1000 in actual use, the more I regret buying it instead of replacing my Epson 3880 with an Epson p800.


First of all, I print a lot of greeting cards of my larger fine-art prints. According to the article you provided, that size uses the highest percentage of Chroma Optimizer, EVEN for matte papers. And that has been my recent experience. Why is CO even used for matte papers?


Canon appears to have designed this printer to be an ink hog, and their friendly tech support is unfortunately largely untrained (or unwilling) to help customers w. strategies to optimize ink usage (save ink).


Another surprise about greeting cards, and my fault for not doing more pre-purchase research, the PRO-1000 can NOT print fine-art paper greeting cards. The paper is too thick to run through the top/rear tray and too small in size to run through the back thick-paper tray (min. size 8x10").


Love the quality of the prints, but I'm now looking for a second (non-Canon) printer just to do greeting cards. Not happy.




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