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PIXMA PRO-200 Black Band on Edge of Print & How to Print 13" x 19"


I recently upgraded from a 8720 canon printer.  Im getting back into photography and with the 8720 I could print 13 by 19 prints.  worked fine.  With this printer I get messages saying image to be printed is enlarged blah blah blah.  wants to set margins if I try to go borderless.  8720 printed fine borderless.  So I cave and give margins.  Now the image is top heavy.  I upgraded to the pro 200 for better black and white.  I know this is not the 8720.  THis is a better printer.  I am frustrated that I can not figure this out.  Im pretty tech savy and am good at coming up with a solution.  However I fee defeated.  I look at you tube videos and I can not find how to fix this.  There are 2 things I would like to know.  How to print a 13 by 19 print borderless and if I chose to use borders how to have the imge centered.  The other issue I am having is I am getting a black band printed on the edge of a print.  Annoying  


I am using canon matt photo paper.  I use light rook to print on a windows machine  



so I ignored the warnings and was able to print full image on 13 by 19.  I also set the image to be centered without wide margins and it printed fine.  no vertical banding on the edge.  However, I am confused about the warnings the printer is giving me wihen going full page or without wide margins.  The printed image looks fine, except for being blurred because I did not focus correctly when I too the picture.  my fault