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PIXMA PRO-100S, head leaking and rubbing on prints


Hello everyone.

I have a PIXMA PRO-100S that I bought from new a good few years back. I used it for about 100 photos and then moved house and have had it on my self since. Today, I needed to print a nice photo so got it out, let it clean the heads and checked the head alignment and all that. Everything was good but I needed to replace all the inks as they were already low and the tanks were empty enough.

I tried to print a test 4x6 and noticed some marks on the print.


I have removed the head and it had a lot of black ink on it.


I cleaned it and reinserted it. 

Managed to print the photo I needed, on A4. It is quite dark but I can not see any of the marks.

I then printed a couple 4x6 photos and the marks and ink are back. I have removed the head again and there is just as much ink as before. 

The 6x4 paper is the free Canon stock that came with it. It is flat.


Is my head damaged and in need of replacing? 

Just to note, I have only seen the marks on 6x4. Not A4.