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Is it safe to use a UPS for my Canon Image Prograf 2100 Printer?



Is it safe to use a UPS for my Canon Image Prograf 2100 Printer? If so, what type of UPS would you recommend? I currently have a UPS, a Cyber Power PR2200LCDSL that's supporting my PC and Servers in my home office. But I don't know if I should plug my Printer into that one given the power consumption of the other devices, or if I should get another UPS (if so what size) or if I should ignore it altogether. 

Just FYI, I'd prefer to use a UPS if I can since outlets in my apartment are minimal. Any info you can provide is much appreciated. 



Please use this as a reference, I am not an electrician. 😉 Most printer manufacturers will tell you not to plug your printer into a UPS.  This is true if you are using a consumer grade UPS that only supplies 200-350w.    One or two pro-sumer or professional models can usually keep you going for brief power interruptions.  They also provide protection for dips and surges.  Your printer does not have significant power requirements.  If you live in an area that has inclement weather, power fluctuations or frequent power outages, I might protect my printer.

This might help.  Using a UPS or power strip as a means of adding outlets does not change your home's ability to support more devices or increase the amps or load a circuit can deliver or sustain.  A typical residence uses 15amp circuits.  An apartment might have dedicated circuits or if older, might share a circuit on different sides of a wall or room.

The cyberpower website has a great runtime calculator for your UPS.  It provides typical runtime scenarios depending on the load your UPS is under.  These times are approximate.


Your printer while large, doesn't consume as much power as one might think.

88 W (Maximum) When printing is active
3.6 W (Ready)    When idle
0.5 W (Off) Plugged in turned off

You didn't say what else you have plugged in.  "PC and servers" ?

Its important to understand that as power requirements increase, runtime decreases.  

Here are the specs for your UPS.  Its a nice one by the way (for home or small office) 😀  I use cyberpower too, but Schneider Electric owns them all.  

  • Capacity:2070 VA / 1980 W
  • Topology:Line Interactive
  • Waveform:Sine Wave

I have UPS's in almost every room of the house, except the bathrooms and kitchen.  When the power fails, we are typically able to continue working.  Internet, wireless, TV (Very important🤣 , printing ...  for about 1-2 hrs. easy. 

A power wall will allow the whole house to run, including heat and air for 1-2 days.  Doesn't work for rentals though.

Calculate your watts and amps.  Be mindful not to overload a single circuit with more than 15 amps draw, then buy a UPS that allows the amount of runtime you need.  I start shutting stuff down after 20 minutes of an outage.  If the utility doesn't have it back on by then, there is another problem.  Tree down, blown transformer, etc.

Good luck  

Bay Area - CA

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Hello Rick,


Thanks for the info! I’m more concerned with surge protections than run times. In the event of a power failing, I just need time to turn the printer and my other devices off. 

I think getting another UPS would be best for my situation. I have two Howtek Drum Scanners for scanning film. They’re no longer in production and can use a maximum of 500 Watts each (their normal operating wattage is about 380 Watts). Since I’m running out of outlet real estate; I think that getting another UPS would be ideal. 

We’ll see what my budget can accommodate! 

Thanks again!


- Austin




Bay Area - CA

~R5 C ( ~RF Trinity, ~RF 100 Macro, ~RF 100~400, ~RF 100~500, +RF 1.4x TC, +Canon Control Ring, BG-R10

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