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Getting E161-403E message on new IPF6400


I have a new (only two weeks old) IPF6400 and I just tried to use it this evening (used it all week including this morning just fine). I loaded some new 24-inch canvas and while it was printing the job I got the following error message: E161-403E. Doing a quick search it sounds like I need a printhead replacement, but I find it hard to believe since it's brand new. Anyone have any ideas that may help? I have tried turning it off and an and it immediately pops back up. Thanks so much!



Try holding the Navigate + Load buttons down while turning it on... keep holding them down, as it could take quite a few seconds before the LCD says Initializing.

S should appear at the top right of the display.

Press the < or > keys to choose the Set./Adj. Menu and press the OK key.

SERVICE MODE should appear in the menu list and the MESSAGE LED should flash.

Press the ^ or V key to choose SERVICE MODE and press OK

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