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Fine art smooth prints very washed out, luster prints still look great. What happened? Canon Pro1000


I have a Canon Pro-1000 and so far everything has been going pretty smoothly, especially after I started to use a hardwire connection.  However, suddenly my prints on my fine art smooth paper are extrememly washed out and grainy. I've been using the same profile through Photoshop with no problem until recently.  I will say that my ink is getting low, but my luster prints are coming out perfectly so that makes me think the ink is good.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Hi yukon819.


When printing to specialty paper, including art paper, check to see if it has a specified print side.  The print side will generally be more absorbent, while the non-print side will at best have washed out colors (due to poor blending) and, at worse, will not dry correctly.


Check that the image is not transferred between very many color spaces/ICC Profiles.  The more ICC profiles through which it is processed, the more warped the colors may become.  Also check the paper manufacturer's website for any recommendations on print settings.


You can use the Print Studio Pro add-on to adjust print quality using pattern printing. [Windows / Mac OS].


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