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Error Code 7400


My imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 is returning a 7400 error code. I have performed all the troubleshooting fixes that are suggested in the manual - cancel all print jobs, turn off printer, unplug, plug in, turn on, but the printer continues to return the same error code. Oddly, every time I cycle the power on/off a new instance is generated in Printers/Faxes in System Preferences.


I am running  Mac Catalina 10.15.6 and driver version 2.0


Anyone have any ideas that I can try over the weekend while support is closed?



Jerry (in torrid Tucson, AZ)


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi hexclimber,


Please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat, as it sounds that your imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 would require service. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:






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Hi, Patrick,


I am curious to know if it is true that Canon no longer has service providers available? I have read that this so on this canoncommunity board.  If there are service providers in the U.S. who can we turn to service pro printers?  Thanks.

I meant if there are NO service providers....

I tried to send mine in or bring it in and they said shipping it to VA for service is only option. Seriously?! Is Canon going to help?


Canon is absolutely shocking.  In effect, your printer is destined for the landfill.  Not even recycling... you have to lug it to the trash.  Where and how you do that with a 70lb printer is your problem.  I had the same error message.  An hour on hold, and I get through to tech support.  He tells me error 7400 means service, but there is NO AUTHORIZED SERVICE any longer!!!  You could try to recycle it with Canon, but their site doesn't actually allow that.  So it's junk.  Canon will give you a discount on a new one.  I get put on another half hour hold to speak to sales.  MSRP of $1299 less 10%.  That's it.  No way to fix it and the same price some are being sold for on the internet.  My printer has lived a pampered life.  Never moved.  A few prints a month.  Gulped ink and filled maintenance cartridges to clean the head.  Over $1000 in new ink cartridges in the drawer, not even counting what's in the printer.  And Canon's only option is to throw it out.

I have trhe same error popping up. I turn it off and back on and prints perfect, then send a few more, and it gives the error again.

I am using Qimage, and the prints are with print preview for Glossy 4x6 images. Running Win10x64bit latest updates.

I am not sure if I have upgraded firmware, but perhaps this may or may not fix things?


Seriously frustrating. I would like to know what the error is saying. What may cause such an error?

I also have a PRo-10 that is working with no errors. Not a very good paper handling printer, the Pro-10, and why I bought the Pro-1000. I also have a Z3200 HP 44" printer and that also, I have managed to repair or overcome errors and still working like a champ.

I am not a heavy printer, but I try to run a print, small or large, every couple days.