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Canon pro-100 firmware upgrade from 1.1 to 2031


I havent been using my printer so i haven't been doing my firmwares updates like i should.  I missed 1.2 and 1.3, now i want to update it to the latest firmware and it keeps giving me an error.  I have tried my windows 10 and windows 7 and  both are giving me the same error while updating the firmware.   it shuts down the printer mid way and says it cannot connect to the printer.  no data transfers.   drivers are installed on the computer and it works, and it can print.  i just want to update the firmware.  If someone can kindly help me with this, thank you in advance.

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Has there been any resolution to this problem for the 10 pro- I have seen some replys for the pro 100 that says it depends on the serial number - Is this true for the 10 as well?  I have had my 10 for quite a while so that may be why it is not updating but would like some confirmation

Yes, this does apply to the Pro-10 as well. I have both. The 10 is on 1.1 and won't update; the 100 was on 2.01 and did update easily. As an aside, I see no reason to update the firmware anymore, as they both currently work fine on Windows 11.

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