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Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-2100 media configuration, Mac printing to Windows server


We have a few new Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-2100 printers in our environment, and we're very interested in using the custom papers that cna be created in media configuration. Our problem is that we're using Papercut to manage our printers, which means that our printers are hosted on a Windows server and we print to it using LPD. So if our server is on, we're setting up our printer as lpd:// Doing it this way, it doesn't appear we're able to update our drivers, as we're not speaking to the printer itself directly.

My question is whether anybody knows if there's a workaround in terms of locally configuring the media types in the PPD or through CUPS. It doesn't appear so, as far as CUPS is concerned as all of the options are not there, but I'm hoping someone has an answer to this dilemma.



I should note that we're printing from Macs only, running macOS 13.6 at present.


Are you able to enable the wifi printing feature on the printer and connect to the printer directly that way? That may help you access the printer directly via the IP address. The password is the serial number. However, this is not how you update new papers. Go to the drivers for your printer on the Canon website and make sure you have the latest version of the Canon Media Configuration Tool.

Regardless if you're connected to the printer directly or not, the same way you use the Canon Professional Print & Layout is the same way the Canon Media Configuration Tool works. It will find the printer, download all of the printers current configurations onto the computer, it will ask if you want to update or add new configurations, and then when it is finished updating you can use the tool for new paper. It is best to find a paper close to what you are using that already has settings, make a copy, make your adjustments, and then save them to the printer.

I called the Canon 1-800 number and they helped me with this a couple of years ago when I was first getting to know these printers. They're great to work with!


Even if you're using a RIP and sending jobs to the Windows server, you're better off installing that printer on the Windows print server as a network printer. Rather than connecting the printer physically to the print server via USB, attach the printer to the network using ethernet, then from the print server install the printer as a network printer. 

Now you can print to the printer via the print server using your RIP, but individual machines can still access it via TCP/IP and can update drivers use the media configuration tool. 

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