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Pro 1000 - desaturated prints - problem replicated using ColorSync Utility


Hi, I have a Pro 1000 and I am getting desaturated prints when printing from Mac/Lightroom Classic/Photoshop/Canons PPL software, using Fotospeed papers and a Fotospeed supplied custom icc profile.
I can replicate the effect I am getting with the Mac ColorSync Utility using an RGB JPG test image and the 'Assign Profile' facility within ColorSync.
Using Assign Profile, with the custom FS Profile, the image looks fine.
Using Assign Profile, with the Canon Pro Lustre profile, the image looks desaturated and just like the prints I am getting.

I am using the Pro Lustre as the base media type the LR Print dialogue with the custom icc profile selected in the Colour Management section in Lightroom.

Can anyone help/suggest options ?



Hi David, I would recommend downloading the latest version of Canon's PRINT STUDIO PRO V 2.0 PLUG-IN which you can get on the drivers page of the Canon website. Export your file as an RGB, TIFF or JPG at the size and resolution you're looking for. Or if lightroom recognises the plug-in as an export option go directly to that. This should allow you to control those settings better and the printer will be receiving the file from the Canon based program.

Without knowing the exact paper type you're using, it's hard to give a lot of feedback. I would try some other options like Satin under Photo Papers. We use a 235 gsm but the setting for 200 gsm because it lays down just a little less ink and we like how it looks. The other setting is for 240 gsm and it's up to us as the printmaker to make that determination. All of our thousands of customers love how they come out.

Hi Josh, thanks for the considered response. I spent a lot of time with this problem trying different options, in the end, I had my paper profiles re-made, and this seems to have largely done the trick. I now (predominantly) print through Canons PPL, as this gives me better colour consistency, Lightroom and Photoshop can at times produce weird desaturation issues requiring changes to the Print Proof copy to get a good result. Its not all the time, but often enough to push me to use PPL.

Thanks again for the reply.


Yes, Professional Print and Layout is a better option than printing directly from Photoshop or Lightroom. Fortunately you can use Professional Print and Layout from within Lightroom or PS. If you don't see them under file -> automation, then navigate to applications/canon utilitilities/PPL/Install files, and run the plugin installer from there. 

Even if you get the correct profile, using the incorrect paper type can have the effect of an image looking washed out or incorrect. That corresponding paper type is very important. 

With PPL, at the top of the menus on the right is "stored settings". It's super convenient to add a setting there to "save current settings" once you have all your parameters how you want them so you can reuse settings. And all the settings are in one place to see there, whereas in PS or LR they're buried under the printer settings. 

Sounds like you might have it figured out though... 

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