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Canon Pro-100 How to print entire image on computer screen without cropping


I am a Lightroom CC user. I am also using a MacBook Pro 15" Mojave. I have the Canon Pixma Pro-100. I have never printed before except 13x19. The image when printed on 13x19  gets cropped a little, but normally I can live with it. If I want to print on any other size photo paper my image gets so cropped  and I lose so much of the image.  What am I doing wrong? How can i fix this.? I would like to be able to print exactly what I see on my computer screen without losing any part of my image. Is there a way to do this? I have the following photo paper sizes: 13x19, 8'5x11, 5x7 and 4x6. I am very frustrated by this. Please help.


Thank you.



Hi PFried3257.


When printing to paper, each paper size has a printable area.  If the aspect ratio (Width / Height or vice versa) of an image is different from the aspect ratio of the paper's printing area (typically the same as the paper's width vs height), then the image will need to be shrunk and/or cropped to fit within that aspect ratio.  Which of these occurs is based on the print settings in the software from which you're printing.


While I'm unable to walk you through Lightroom's print settings, I am able to alert you to the Print Studio Pro add-on, which adds more control when printing images.


The Print Studio Pro add-on installer is available for download, free of charge, at this page on the Canon Online Manuals site.  That link also contains a further link to the Print Studio Pro Online Manual.


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