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Canon Pixma Pro 100

I don't why, but sometimes my canon will not print the right colors. Right now my problem is with the color yellow. I printed a image yesterday and the yellows came out fine. I printed another image today and the yellows are coming out orange. I look at the color code for the yellow I printed yesterday. I used that code for the yellow I printed today, but it still comes out orange. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro 100

I don’t know what you mean by color code. 


Have you you run a nozzle check?

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro 100

So, there's Image A, which the yellows print fine for, and Image B, which the yellows don't print fine for, correct? A few questions:


1) What program are you printing from?

2) Are you using the same printer driver, on the same paper, with the same printer profile, and the same color settings, for both images?

3) Is it just Image B where the yellows don't print right, or are there other images where the yellows don't print right? If everything is always OK except for Image B, then there's something about Image B. If it happens with other images, too, then there's something about your print settings/printer profile selection/etc.


Sometimes when you dig into the tabs in the printer driver, you'll find that the settings are one way for one file, and a different way for another file. Make sure that both image files have the same exact settings as far as paper type, print quality, and so on.


One more question: do both images have the same embedded color space? For example, is one sRGB and the other one AdobeRGB? Maybe when you're importing one or the other into Photoshop, it's converting the colors from one color space to another. Another thing to check: Is one an RGB image and the other one a CMYK image?


Another question...Do both yellows for Image A and Image B look identical on your screen (but print differently)? Or do the yellows look different on the screen as well as print different?


When you say "color code," I'm assuming you mean the RGB value, correct?


I'm throwing a lot of stuff out there to see if something helps. Let me know.



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