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Canon PRO-100 ERROR - light indicates manual tray is open when it is not - will not print


I am receiving the following error on my CANON PIXMA PRO-100: "Manual feed tray is in the paper jam
clearing position". IT IS NOT IN THIS POSITION. I have opened and closed it a zilliion times and the light continues to flash 3 times. It is not helpful to provide a list of what the error codes mean and troubleshooting tips. I have gone through all that already and it still will not stop blinking and I cannot print. I printed numerous things on the printer last week and there was no jam and I did not use the manual feed tray. Everything should be the same as it was then. Despite this, I have fully examined everything with a magnifying glass and shop light and there is no paper stuck anywhere. AND THE FEED TRAY IS CLOSED. I don't think I have ever used the feed tray with any of my printing projects.

Where is/are the sensor(s) that indicates whether the manual feed tray is open or closed? I may need to jimmy it so it thinks it is closed. Any other troubleshooting tips?


You might want to call support for help. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), Monday through Friday.

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Hi.  Sorry you have such a problem. I suggest going back to Canon and asking them to accept your carts for the Pro-100 (assuming they are Canon ink) and do an even trade for any new Canon printer you buy, one for one, and also accept their 10% offer.   Another suggestion: depending on where you live perhaps there is someone in your community who knows how to work with ink jet printers; it doesn't have to be with the Canon brand but someone who has knowledge about modern inkjet printers and is willing to help you out.  And there is always You Tube.  There may be some enthusiast/young genius who has come across the issue you have and has videoed it.  

Best of luck, arbalfe45  


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