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Cannot activate CarePAK coverage


No matter how much I have tried, I cannot activate the 2-year CarePAK coverage I purchased for my imagePROGRAF Pro-300. I have spent over 2 hours on two separate phone calls with customer service and they have no idea how to activate it. They say that they cannot activate it on my end, but will escalate my issue.


When I got a response from CarePAK, they told me that I needed to register my product, which I already did over a week earlier. So I go to the registration page after signing in and enter the name of my printer above. When the printer pops up the message says "You have not registered your product."


Yet, after I enter the serial number and purchase date I get the message that "Serial Number Already Registered."


This is extremely frustrating and Canon should know how to resolve the issue. I am thinking that maybe because I purchased the printer through the Canon Upgrade Program that I am unable to activate CarePAK. 


Does anyone have a solution? I am tired of 20-30 minute wait times.




Start here:  Does the printer appear in "Your Products" list?  You won't be able to register a CarePak until the printer appears there.  


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Yes, my printer appears on my products list. I have registered the printer, and i have received emails that I have registered reminding me to activate CarePAK. When I call customer support they confirm that I am registered. Oddly, when I have gone to the link they send, I says that my product is not registered. When I enter the serial number, it says the serial number has already been registered. Customer service has escalated my case to sales which handles CarePak issues. The CarePak customer service is terrible and they continually direct me to register. It's a vicious cycle and a frustrating one

As my earlier posts show, I had the same problem. Canon finally suggested I sign on to my account, remove my new printer from my list of devices, re-add it, then try to activate my CarePAK. I did that, and as I feared, I was unable to add my ProGRAF-300 back to my list of devices in my default browser (Brave). I went through the same process with Safari, same result. Then, in desperation, I installed Mozilla Firefox and what do you know? Success! Everything went through with no problem! I don't know if this will help you, but it may be worth a try. Good luck!

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Like you, I have the same problem. Just took delivery of my Pro-300 printer. When going online to register the printer, I get a screen that tells me my serial number has already been registered, below a notice that "this product has not been registered." Clicking on the link in my email to activate my carepak, I am stumped. The email confirming purchase says I will receive an activation code in a separate email. I never received any other emails from Canon. Calling the support number on the consumer website only refers me to other 800 numbers; eventually someone came on the line and promised to connect me with the office or section dealing with CarePak issues. Forty minutes later, I gave up -- even the elevator music was annoying. I've always been happy with my Canon photo gear and my desktop all-in-one PIXMA printer works like a charm. But getting this PRO-300 off the ground has been frustrating. I don't think Canon cares much about its customers and customer support.

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Hello Fburr,


If you are having problems with your CarePAK, you can contact our sales team at 1-800-385-2155 or you can contact the CarePAK department at 1-833-227-3725. They can help with sending another email. You can also check you spam/junk mail folder to see if the email was placed there.


We would be happy to assist further with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance.


  1. Is the email that you used to receive the CarePAK email the same as the email that you use to log into your Canon account?
  2. What web browser are you using to register the CarePAK with?
  3. What retailer was the printer purchased from?

Thanks for the numbers. I will call the CarePAK department later this morning. In response to your questions:

1. Yes.

2. Brave

3.Canon online store.

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Hector, I am beginning to feel as if I have been dropped into the fifth circle of Hell (or at least Hell with the lid off). I called the CarePAC number, and after 10 minutes on hold, the background music went dead, and five minutes later, I was disconnected. So, I tried the sales team number. Someone transferred me to the CarePAK section; ten minutes later, I actually got to speak to a live person! She promised to send me a CarePAK activation code. About ten minutes later, I received an email with the activation code. However, going through the steps to activate only ended in frustration. Clicking on YES ACTIVATE CAREPAK gave me nothing - no confirmation, nothing except a message telling me to make sure I had registered my printer. I did receive an email from Canon telling me it was registered, but I went through the steps anyway, since there was a tag line above my printer saying it had not been registered. Taking care to get the serial number, I went through the steps to register my printer, only to be told that serial number had already been registered! I give up. I am going to my bank to dispute the charge for the CarePAK and calling it a day.

Sailor-retired USN. former 5D Mk II user - recently graduated to the R6