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Can't Select Media Type

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I recently ran into the Support Code 300 error with my Pixma Pro-100 on a Mac running Sierra.  The fix most commonly seen was to delete the printer and then add it back again.  After a few hiccups I got it reinstalled and running.  I'm using Lightroom and when I try to select the media type, there is no drop down with paper choices.  Any suggestion on how to get it back?


When you added the printer back did you add the AirPrint version or the IJ Series version.


If you see AirPrint repeat the Add process and wait for the IJ Series version to appear. It could take a few minutes.

John Hoffman
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This error and the inability to select media indicates a communications issue between the computer and printer. 


How is the printer connected to your MAC?


What drivers version did you install, and where did you get them?



EDIT*  John has already got you pointed in the right direction.



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Hi Ken_K,


As previously stated, please wait for the Canon IJ Network listing to appear.


At the bottom, next to "Use" or "Print Using", please make sure that the Canon PRO-100 series is selected and not Airprint or Secure Airprint and then click Add.



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Firstly, thanks Rick, John and Patrick for the responses.  Much appreciated!

When I added the printer yesterday I didn't see Canon IJ Network as a choice - only the Bonjour..  I remember from previous installs that this was not the one needed but installed it anyway since I had something I needed to print.

Today the CIJ Network was a choice and everything went smoothly after.

I initially connect via USB cable.

I'm not sure how often this topic of reinstalling a printer comes up but all the suggestions I found via a Google search badly missed the mark.  Perhaps a Sticky with step by step instructions might be helpful.

Thanks again for helping.