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13x38 and 13x39 paper for pro9000 II etc.

Why do we need a limit on paper length?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello focus.


Unfortunately, the longest physical paper size that is supported by our PRO Series printers are 23 inches.  Using longer paper may result in paper feeding issues.


To print on much longer media sizes, you may have to consider one of the units in our imagePROGRAF line of products.

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This is the request: let us do it, even though it may not work, even though we may have to hand feed it, even though we may waste paper and ink, we're big boys, we bought your printer. The prohibition is the bug.

Hello Canon,


I'm the almost 100% happy owner of the Canon Pro 9000 MarkII. What bowled me over was when I tried to print a 13x39" print and found that the "PRO" printer doesn't support banner mode!?


I love Canon printers because your design doesn't create indentations in the paper. I used to use Epson printers. I want to keep recommending Canon printers to my friends and fellow photographers, but quite honestly, can't, because the only option you offer for those of us on a budget is to go up to a $1000 price range printer. Seriously?

As a previous poster indicated, give us the option and let us decide how we want to use the printer.

The sad thing is, even with your new PRO printers that supersede the 9000 II and 9500 II printers have this silly limitation.

So you didn't build a roll paper holder into the printer. And your rear tray flap isn't capable of handling super long paper. That's fine, I have a work around.

As a current Canon Pro printer user, I would like to make the full use of the printer I spent good money to purchase.

So, please, if you have a means of providing me with a printer driver that removes that limitation, I would like to make use of it. I will even sign an NDA, though that won't benefit you if I have positive things to say about it. I am aware of the issues/concerns surrounding extended length paper:  paper alignment, rear tray paper support, front exit tray paper support.  I'm willing to work on those issues and hold Canon blameless if I end up wasting my money if paper jams. 

Make me a fully satisfied customer instead of leaving me wondering whether I should have invested in Epson equipment and the professional ecosystem surrounding their products as well as the third party support of their products.

Let me put it another way: From my point of view as a customer, why should I invest money in your next tier of "pro" printers, the IPF line, if your intermediate "pro" printer support includes an arbitrary limitation?  If I'm going to drop another $1000 on a wide format printer upgrade, I can take that same $1000 and pickup an intermediate epson printer that supports 44" out of the box and nearly unlimited with third party image support.