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imagePROGRAF iPF8400 Printing from PDF - text is thicker than it should be


Hi, I have a canon ipf8400 that I've been using for years on an old Mac mini.

I just updated to a new Mac mini running Ventura OS so I had to update the drivers. It used to be that the print from PDF files printing from Adobe acrobat would print very accurately. Now that i have updated to the new system and updated driver, the text printed from my PDF is noticeably thicker than it should be. It's not enough to look terrible on first glance, but it's enough to be unsatisfactory. I rasterized my pdf and printed from Photoshop and there is no problem after rasterizing. But is there anything I can do to make it print correctly from  PDF rather than having to rasterize?




I forgot to mention that I installed the latest drivers but I didn't update the firmware. I am hesitant to do this since the printer has been working so smoothly for me all these years. But could the firmware be related to this type of issue?