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Wasted paper between pages - TM-305


I have a imagePROGRAF TM-305 used in a production environment printing on a 36" roll.  The 3-page PDF we print is the same size every time.  Page 1 is 12"W, page 2 is 24"W and page 3 is 12"W. 

When the PDF starts printing 4" of paper is cut off, another 4" between pages 1 and 2 and another 4" between pages 2 and 3.  A total of 12" of paper wasted on every print job.

I'm new to this printer and I need some assistance to reduce or eliminate this waste. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks you!   


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi OwensTech,

It sounds like your imagePROGRAF TM-305 is set to automatically cut the leading edge of the roll paper. If the leading edge of the paper is cut crooked or is not cut straight when roll paper is loaded, it will not print correctly. If this happens, you can cut the leading edge of the paper straight when loading a paper roll by using Trim Edge First in the Control Panel menu. Turning the Trim Edge First setting off should resolve your issue. Follow these steps to change the Trim Edge First setting:

1. Tap the paper information area on the display of your imagePROGRAF TM-305.

2. Tap Paper settings.

3. Tap Advanced.

4. Tap Trim edge first.

5. Tap OFF.

Once set, please attempt to print.

If you are printing borderlessly, the TM-305 will cut the strip regardless of the "Trim edge first" setting.

Also, please make sure that the lead edge is set to 3mm.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Tap the gear icon at the bottom of the display on your printer.

2. Tap Device settings.

3. Tap Paper related settings.

4. Tap Advanced paper settings.

5. Choose the type of paper that is loaded in the printer.

6. Select Lead Edge Margin (roll).

7. Select 3mm.

If 3mm was already selected, please select Reset Paper Settings by Paper type and then attempt to print again.




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Thank you for this detailed and thorough response.  We are having the same issue as well.  After going through our settings, some of them did need to be changed per your recommendations, but the problem persists. 

We primarily use the plotter to print 36" wide x 24" long (ARCH D) sheets to utilize the width of the plotter.  Our whole company runs on Mac, and when we try to set up a PDF to print standard (not borderless) it initiates the printing process as it should without cutting the strip off first, however, it won't orient the page correctly.  Portrait, or landscape, it will always print 24" wide x 36" long so there is 36" of wasted space along the top edge of the print.  

Our way around this using the Mac printing features is to create a custom sheet size that is 36x24 so that it will print using the full width of the roll.  I believe this is where our problem is however, my assumption is that the plotter is reading our custom sheet size as a "borderless" sheet.

Does this all make sense?  Is there a fix to this problem?



Thank you for the detailed response.  I am set to borderless printing so it seems I am stuck with the paper loss.  However, I may test w/o borderless printing to see if in fact 1) no more paper loss and 2) see if it prints close enough to the edge to maintain proper output for my customers.

Thank you again for the help!



I had this same issue when using Bluebeam to print.  Using Canon's "Direct Print Plus" software solved the issue on the first try.

Note: One of my printed sets is 36x50.  Direct Print Plus automatically read the sheet size, and oriented the page to the roll width.  Brilliant programming.  Although, I'm not sure if Direct Print Plus works with a mac...


Hi Guys, I'm having the same problem with my new Canon TA-30. Have you guys found any solution?

Appreciate it!