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Canon Pro-4100 -- Prints are Grainy/Noisy


Hi - I'm running into an issue I am unable to solve with grainy/noisy prints off of a relatively new Canon Pro-4100. The printer is approximately 6 months old and in good health. Prints are made on Moab Juniper Baryta Rag 305gsm paper and using a variety of ICC profiles.

The grain shows up primarily in mid-tones/neutrals. This grain was not noticeable when printing the same photo on an Epson printer. Images are coming from RAW files captured by a Fuji digital medium format camera, so the grain is not part of the original file.

The following have been tried:

  1. Head cleaning (all ink channels are clear)
  2. Head alignment (print head is aligned properly)
  3. Changing paper thickness (from auto to thickest)
  4. Changing vacuum/suction
  5. Printing with different ICC profiles

Here are two examples of the grain:

From a 10x15" printFrom a 10x15" printFrom a 10x15" printFrom a 10x15" print

I know there are other posts about this problem and I'm eager to find any solutions to share with the community.

Thank you!



Same for me.


Just wrapping up this thread. Unfortunately, this issue has not been resolved officially. We're still getting grainy prints, etc. I worked through all the support steps with Canon USA support and they determined there was no issue because of the "three foot rule". If the issue cannot be seen at 3 feet from the print, it doesn't exist. Yippee. I also brought out a third party tech and they were unable to resolve the problem... In the end, I am purchasing an Epson P9000 to replace this Canon Pro-4100.


I had a similar problem with my 4100. Switching to unidirectional printing resolved the issue for me.

Best of luck,