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Canon PRO-4100 Grainy / Noisy Prints


While creating new profiles for my printers, I noticed that the Canon PRO-4100 is considerably more grainy than the PRO-1000. This grain is especially apparent in the yellows, but it exists across all colors. For months I thought this was just a limitation of the hardware, but now that I'm comparing the two printers side-by-side, it seems like the PRO-4100 may have an issue. The sample images I'm including here were produced using the same source image, software (Photoshop), paper (Hahnemuhle Hemp), and profile.

Has anyone else noticed grainy/noisy prints from the PRO-4100? I've tried a head cleaning, using different ICC profiles, and using different papers. I haven't done a system cleaning yet, but I wanted to check these forums before wasting anymore liquid gold than I already have trying to debug this issue.

In these images below, check out the color bands, especially the yellows...





Product Expert
Product Expert


The graininess may be corrected with some of the adjustment options that are available on the PRO-4100.  For additional assistance with this, please contact our phone support group at 1-800-423-2366, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).

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