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imagePROGRAF iPF9400s storing jobs but not printing them


I recently transferred into this job as the new printer expert. Which sure, but I have never dealt with a canon ploter before, so of course it is the first one to break.
The plotter is network attached on a Vlan.
What started this was the plotter decided to change it's own IP address. 
That was correct now whenever we try to print to it the windows spool flashes the job, and then deletes the job. The plotter stores the job internally but wont print it, the best we get is a 4-5 inch slice of blank paper. we can reprint previous jobs stored on the plotter, just no new ones. during this process we updated the server drivers that had been for a ipf9000 not an ipf9400s and installed the driver package on the system. also installed the photoshop plug in to see if that helped. It didn't. I attempted to do a firm ware update via USB as the network option is unavailable to us. While windows 10 saw what was plugged, it was labeled as ipf9400s (unknown device) and the driver package didn't see it to install. 
I must be missing something if the thing was working last month.
But the user got a new system, but also we tried printing from the old system and that didn't work either.
EDIT: oh yah 1 time we saw "Garo w1226" flash and then disappear on the front panel of the printer.


Product Expert
Product Expert


It is unusual for the IP address to change on the printer itself.  Additional troubleshooting will be needed to narrow down what is causing the communication/driver issues.  Please contact our support group at 1-800-423-2366 for additional assistance with this matter.

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