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"failed to acquire information on the driver and software" Canon TR8620 setup software


I can't install my new Canon TR8620 printer on my Windows 10 PC. Downloaded this software straight from Canon's own website. I've Googled this problem and it's been around since 2016 or earlier. I did all of the previous troubleshooting I could find and nothing has helped me.

Just so we can save some time here, I already:

- Restarted my PC
- Updated Windows
- Used an Admin account
- Toggled the BITS service in various ways including off, on, refreshed, restarted, etc
- Turned my A/V off completely
- Turn Windows firewall off completely
- Ran the software as administrator
- Redownloaded the software straight from Canon's website AND the ij.start website listed in the guide
- Gave the printer its own TCP/IP address
- Used both wifi and ethernet cable connections
- There is no longer any box to check or uncheck in the current software, as provided in some older solutions

Nothing has worked and I'm about to return this printer due to bad software. I know the printer itself works because I did a test print from my Mac (using direct Apple AirPrint), but the Windows software will not get past the "failed to acquire information on the driver and software" so I can't install it on my main computer.



I returned it. That was the solution. Good luck to anyone else that runs into this stupid problem in the future.

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After downloading the driver, uncheck the box in this KB article:

Canon Knowledge Base - Resolve an "Information Acquisition Error": No Internet Connection - Windows

This should allow you to continue the installation.

Drivers are here;

Support | TR Series - Inkjet | PIXMA TR8620 | Canon USA


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Yeah I already saw this "solution" too. It's out of date and that box they want you to uncheck does not exist anymore. There's just a blank space there in the current software so you can't even do that now.

Here's a screenshot I took as proof: 

And once the error occurs, there is no longer a "back" button. Anything you press immediately closes the software 

And the settings button only allows you to pick a language. These are my only options with win-tr8600-1_0-n_mcd which is what you get when you download it from canon or the ij.start site, like I stated.

Product Expert
Product Expert


 I recommend to have this issue looked at by our support team. Canon does have a chat team that would be happy to assist you with this issue. Please click HERE and in the chat box, ask the chat bot to speak to a live person. Our chat agents are available Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, excluding holidays.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Yeah, no thanks. I'm not interested in that headache. They'll just tell me to redo everything I've already tried here and I'll walk away empty handed and with even more of my time wasted. It's been days now. Getting roadblocked by simple driver software in 2022 with a problem that's existed since 2016 tells me everything I need to know about these printers. If this is my day one experience, I can't imagine what issues I'll run into down the road after my return policy ends.

I'll be returning this printer tomorrow and exchanging it for a less troublesome brand.


I returned it. That was the solution. Good luck to anyone else that runs into this stupid problem in the future.


Had the same problem on my TS6320. I was working from home and it said "To install the software, you must be logged in to an administrator account." I have admin rights on my computer, but it wouldn't work. Got one of my IT people to log in with their admin account and it wouldn't work. Contacted Canon and they were totally clueless. Kept running me through the script. Tried hacking in to msetup4.ini and changing the [checkAdmin] switch, but there was no admin switch. What finally worked is to ignore the setup Driver setup package (Windows) which is the app with the problem. On the same driver page was the TR8600 series MP Driver Ver. 1.03 (Windows). Downloaded and installed that driver and got the printer to work. The people at Canon are not the sharpest tools in the shed and this problem has been around for years. Very sad. The only reason I bought a new Canon to replace the old one that died is that they were all out of Epson's.  At least the ink cartridges are the same.



installation error



Found the problem with the software.  You must be logged into the Windows account as an administrator.  Simply running the installer with administrator privileges is not sufficient.  You must log in to an account that is an administrator.

Well, that's just dumb. Why would Canon or Windows either one make THAT necessary to install a printer. We're following in the footsteps of others we've read on here and taking the printer back for a refund. There are plenty of other reliable companies out there that want our business.

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