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mf656cdw driver setup/ printer not found


I just received my printer and it is connected to the internet.  I downloaded the drivers from the canon website.  I run the driver and it cannot find the printer.  I entered the IP address manually and still it cannot be found.  Printer is on, connected (I disconnected and reconnected) to internet, and I cannot figure out how to make printer visible to computer. please help?




I have a 644Cdw and 656Cdw.  I set the 656 up yesterday, however did not have a detection issue during UFRII driver installation.  I installed on 2 devices W10 & W11.  I am using a wireless connection.

Are you using a wired, wireless or USB connection?

If you are using USB, the drivers must be installed before the printer is connected to the computer its being installed on.  This is on the sticker you have to remove before you can make a wired connection.

What OS build and version are you running? 

I'm running windows, so I used the [Windows 64bit] Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver V2.90 & the [Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.

Canon Support for Color imageCLASS MF656Cdw | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Here are some tips:

Assign or reserve a static IP for the printer.  

You can do this on your router.  The printer must then be restarted so it grabs the specified IP.  You do this with the adapters MAC address.  It only needs to be done once.

You can confirm this by checking the list of attached devices on the router, from the network screen on the printers LCD screen, Remote UI or from a command prompt.

What option are you selecting here:


**Unrelated to connectivity but an important set up step is setting a PIN for the remote UI.  This is 3rd or 4th question during set up.  I recommend putting the PIN in a safe place.

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Hi and thanks for responding! I have an acer all-in-one computer (desktop) and windows 11. I did create a pin during set up and I am trying to connect wirelessly. 


When you say, Assign or reserve a static IP for the printer, what does that mean? There's a place in the setup process on the desktop where the screen shows that it cannot find the printer. It says you can add the IP address manually. There's an IP address in the printer information so I typed that in and it still didn't find the device. 


Thanks again!