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Pixma MG3022 - Not Connecting To WiFi


Hello all!

I was recently gifted a Pixma 3022. I have been trying for hours now to connect it wirelessly to my PC. Everything seems to be going fine in the installation/connection process until it just fails. I have tried all the steps I could find multiple times:

-Pressing the wireless button until flashing, using black/color, pressing wireless again until network/direct, then letting the application do it's thing.

-Resetting my router (Xfinity Gateway), video calling my spouse's phone to see if the printer is doing anything (only flashed the wireless), then trying the process, and still getting, "Connection failed."

I cannot directly connect the printer to my router as it is in the basement and I do not have the cables needed anyways. Was I gifted a trash printer or what can I do?Screenshot 2024-01-27 130931.png


Product Expert
Product Expert


Are you running a 2.4g, 5.0g or dual band network that runs both? How far would you say the printer is from the router in the basement? 

We look forward to your reply. 

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