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macOS Ventura and imageCLASS MF729Cdw - unable to talk???



I have macs that are unable to talk to a printer I have (canon mf729cdw). Windows side of things is fine (key words here, printer functions normally without issues) but the mac OS is unable to communicate with that.

Any ideas? I can't try an older driver because it's not on the canon website anymore (unless I didn't find this?), I can ping the device and checked the settings, IPP is on. This is a hardwire connection via ethernet over the network.




I can't seem to edit the original one but the laptop is intel based so rosetta isn't required for this to work.


I am guessing no one has any idea?

Hi, bloodyskullz!

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Similar problem with MF743Cdw.  Everything was working fine on my two Macs, until I upgraded one of them to Ventura, and now it can't communicate.  Did not upgrade the other Mac's OS, and it continues to work.  Then I got a new Mac, already updated to Ventura, and it too "can't communicate."

However, when setting up the printer driver, Mac can communicate enough to see the printer and automatically choose the driver.  The failure to communicate message does not appear until I try to save my changes.

I hate that the OS will offer no useful information whatsoever to troubleshoot.

Will it just be impossible to print from Ventura?


So oddly enough when I dug into the situation a little more, I noticed that in my corporate network where I work (i will never use Mac OS at home - its a piece of crap in my opinion) Aruba was blocking Air Print. I discovered that this Aruba AP allowed the connection to the printer when I enabled the Air Print setting via the virtual controller. When I deploy the driver and specify the IP address, I get the error i was speaking about previously.

Ventura can communicate via the air print driver, I have to figure out why the printer and the OS can't communicate when I deploy the driver and specify the IP using Jamf. I think I have to do a call with Aruba to figure this out but I am not entirely sure yet.

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