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imageCLASS MF8380Cdw Won't Print Documents; Test Page OK


On a MacBook Pro (14" 2021) I am getting a weird error where my print documents do not print. They simply stay in the queue. From the printer queue I am able to quickly print a test page. I am running Ventura 13.4. This same computer was printing without issue for the last year up until about a week ago. I have an older iMac (intel) that is running the same (Ventura 13.4) which prints without problems. Also an older macMini running an older os ~11. I removed the printer, reinstalled to no avail. I would have thought the updated version # should be 10.11.10 but the update still shows 10.11.3 as the driver version, though I will note this works without incident on the iMac and same os version. I feel like there is corrupted preference or some other file that needs to be removed/ respawned. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks much in advance.- Jordan.